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podnikání v autobusové dopravě po celé ČR i v zahraničí -zajištujeme veškeré výlety, zájezdy, dopravu pro                              sportovní kluby




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DVD audio-video,2x TV, kávovar, klimatizace, tónovaná skla, ABS, ASR, WC




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tažné zařízení, WC, kavovar, DVD, 2x TV, klima. Bezbarierový přístup pro vozičkáře, zvedací rampa, ukotvení do podlahy i s invalidním vozíkem. 


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Mike Zimmer may be known as a defensive coach, but he will be focusing mostly on the offensive side of the ball in the Minnesota Vikings' preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night.

"The defensive guys have been together, so they probably could have played a game three or four days ago," Brett Favre Jerseys Zimmer said. "Offensively, we’ve been kind of working with the system and exploring some different options and things. I think for them it will be good to go against someone else to gauge where we’re at."

Every member of the first-team defense played for the Vikings in 2016, Harrison Smith Jerseys but the first-team offense added a new running back, two new starting tackles and potentially a starting center if third-round pick Pat Elflein beats out Nick Easton for the job.

The Vikings’ head coach wants to use the matchup with the Bills to experiment with how players are utilized.

"We’ll have some guys play a little bit longer," Zimmer said. Stefon Diggs Jerseys "When the first group goes out, maybe we’ll keep some other guys in and maybe look at some different combinations of things."

Receiver Michael Floyd will see his first action as a Viking. He has been one of the top performers in Mankato, Teddy Bridgewater Jerseys leading Zimmer to describe Floyd's performance as "pretty dang good" last week.

"He’s come in and learned," Zimmer said. "He’s made some really good contested catches. He’s got big strong hands, physical receiver, runs good routes."

Zimmer gave no indication of how many snaps Sam Bradford would play, Adrian Peterson Jerseys but the Vikings’ starting quarterback is looking to put points on the board right away.

"When we're in there, I want us to be crisp in and out of the huddle, I want us to execute and go down and score," Bradford said. "I think that’s what we’re looking for to set the tone for the rest of preseason going into the season."